"...surprises with an unsettling urgency, an inspired tension, and an elegance of conception and realization."
              -Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung

Theo and Pearl are the happy couple, toasting their daily bread in a pristine living-room. When Pearl's long-lost now-found left-for-dead sister Gams falls into their lives unexpectedly, she disrupts their carefully-constructed world and unearths a war-torn past and memories they'd rather leave buried beneath ash.  A movement-theater sound installation with song.


PRESERVATION (A BIRD MUTATION) was produced in June 2006 at Theaterhaus Hildesheim in Hildesheim, Germany.  It was featured by the Hildesheimer Allgemeiner Newspaper as a "must-see."


In January 2006 it was performed by kInDeRdeUtScH pRoJeKtS at the Intransitos Gallery (Berlin, Germany), the Theatre Without Stages Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), and the Patravadi Theatre's Bangkok Fringe Festival (Bangkok, Thailand).


PRESERVATION (A BIRD MUTATION) has been translated into Russian by Sergei Kvitkin.




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